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  • Important Info (Please Read)

    ⚠️The setup images you see are a mockup and for visualization purposes only. The final print look may vary depending on your chosen dimensions & print format. That being said, to avoid any disappointments, make sure you carefully estimate the print size you need before placing your order.

    Some photos may be printed with a few centimeters more or less, due to the complexity of their captured/edited state. As a result, not all of them will be exact on the measuring tape, but very close to the numbers you've chosen. In any case, you'll be notified before the printing phase, if any critical adjustments need to be done.

    All foam prints & framed canvases come with pre-installed wall hangers so you can hook them on the wall as you wish. We do not provide any wall hooks/nails (read below).



    • CLEANING: The safest method to dust off a print without causing any kind of damage is by using a feather duster. If you don't have a feather duster lying around, you can use a very lightly damped microfibre cleaning cloth to lightly dust off the top of the print (where most dust is going to be hiding), shake off the dust from the cloth, and then continue with the rest of the print, with a very gentle and parallel motion. If you apply any unnecessary pressure whatsoever, you might destroy the surface of the canvas/foam print and eventually leave behind some hideous stains. 



    • STORING: If you wish to store your print (or move it around during a renovation, a move-out day, or while gifting it to someone), you should never place it near, under, or on top of edgy/pointy objects, it will most likely leave a dent in the print or worse, puncture it. Instead, you can use some bubble wrap to wrap it around (especially its corners) or a soft cloth-like material (like a smooth towel). 


    • HANGING YOUR PRINT: As mentioned above, ALL canvas/foam prints come with wall hangers pre-installed on the rear side of the print so you can easily hook them on your wall as you wish. We strongly recommend using some strong brass or steel wall nails to avoid any prints from falling and causing damage. (You certainly don't want to have a canvas print fall in the middle of the night causing you a mini-heart attack whilst in your midsleep. Therefore, having a strong nail holding the print steady is a must.) 

      Extra tip: Do not place prints in direct sunlight as it can (the UVB) over time damage the print and cause ink discoloration and fadeouts.

      Mega tip: For a more emerging display of the print, place it under a dedicated light source. (ie. LED's or light bulbs)




    • Returns or refunds are only accepted if the item arrives defective or damaged.
    • If you wish to cancel your order, you can send us an email with your order number within 24 hours of the time you've placed the order.


    • All prints are prepared, inspected, and delivered within 7-12 working days. Delays are likely to occur depending on the workload and amount purchased. If you do not receive your print within that time frame, you can contact NGP, along with your order number & name.



    • All of the photos are captured by NGP and printed by a trusted local provider. 
    • You are not allowed to re-sale or re-print any of the prints you've purchased from this website. Doing so, will not legally get you in trouble, however, you will make NGP mad (and maybe cause an earthquake, too). If you want to collaborate, get in touch.


    © NGP

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